Traumatic Birth Recovery: Three Step Rewind Technique

Birth and postnatal Trauma is occurring at an all time high leaving women and their birth partners feeling blind-sided, disturbed and ashamed of an event that ‘should’ have been one of the happiest days of their lives

Birth trauma and postnatal trauma - such as feeding related trauma - presents as a form of PTSD that can, along with accompanying hormonal shifts, be overwhelming and leave a person feeling unable to function. Couple that with sleep deprivation and the huge shift into motherhood and the result is one of isolation, fear and confusion

Panic attacks and anxiety don’t mean you are weak, they just show how strong you have had to be

Its also possible to build coping mechanisms around trauma - thinking that you have dealt with it - and then only suddenly experience something disturbing when inadvertently triggered. If you have had a previous birth experience that you want to find clarity and move on from this could be an important part of your antenatal preparation

Taking the first step - it may be that you need an unbiased ear to help you to process your birth story. Someone that can help you to reframe the circumstances so that you can find relief and move forwards. Initially book a debrief session and see how that helps and then you can decide to do the full Rewind technique

“I found the rewind technique to be a really effective method for revisiting my previous birth experience. After being gently eased into a lovely relaxed state, you're able to really visualise and remember the finer details of what happened. It really helped to process and understand the experience in a much better way than I had previously. Laura created a wonderful, calm and relaxed presence during the Rewind, she gave me all the time I needed and was a really great guide. I'd really recommend this technique with the lovely Laura!” K. Jones, 3 Step Rewind Client

Debrief £60 (£50 via Skype) Debriefing your birth / trauma story

Rewind £120

Rewind: Recover: Release £200 (see below)

For more information please take a look here

Rewind: Recover: Release

Rewind: Recover: Release is a bespoke and personalised set of sessions working with a combination of modalities to help you address any issues you are facing around birth be they in body, mind or spirit

These sessions can incorporate a combination of the following:

  • Debriefing

  • Birth Trauma Recovery Three Step Rewind technique

  • Journalling & Automatic Writing

  • Visualisation

  • Fear release techniques

  • Breath techniques

  • Massage

  • Postnatal Yoga

  • A Closing Ceremony (‘Closing the Bones’)

Your experience of trauma could be related to fertility, labour or loss and be preventing you from moving forward. These sessions will serve as a safe, non judgemental space for you where you will be guided and supported to find your way through

I work with women and their partners across the full spectrum giving support in cases of birth trauma, infant loss, still birth, miscarriage, termination and fertility

It is possible to do The Three Step Rewind via Skype

£200 for 3 1:1 sessions

Please do get in touch to discuss how I may be able to help