1:1 birthlight™ POSTNATAL YOGA

Suitable from 6 weeks post birth

Post Natal yoga creates a nurturing space to assist the process of reintegrating with the body post birth, an expansive space for healing and addressing alignment and reclaiming your body

£60 per 1 hour 1:1 practice / £80 per 90 minute 1:1 practice *Discounted for Doula clients

1:1 Postnatal Assessment, Postnatal Practice & Closing £108

Please get in touch to book private 1:1 or private group sessions in your home. Block booking discounts available


Working with any alignment issues that have arisen as a result of pregnancy and birth


Unravelling tension in the body that has arisen from holding, carrying, or feeding your baby


Bringing the body back to the midline and re-establishing alignment


Addressing issues related to pelvic floor health and diastasis recti


Creating an optimal environment for healing 


Positively relating to your body post pregnancy and reclaiming your body


Addressing your need for deep self nurture in a safe space for both you and your child