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Mama Mentoring

I am offering you the option of working with me as your Doula antenatally without having to commit to having me at your birth (with the option to book me for the Birth should you wish). If this sounds like something you would like to explore please get in touch. Click here for more info

Asteria - The Goddess of Nocturnal Oracles and Falling Stars

If the stars align: This is ad hoc birth support - last minute availability with no on call period - I will come and support you once you are in established labour if I am available. This is an option for clients who have decided they would like the support of a doula at the end of pregnancy and feel that they would like my support during labour if possible. I can not guarantee antenatal availability and I will be at the birth availability dependent. My fee is only due if I attend your birth

From £800

Eileithyia - The Goddess of Childbirth

Birth Offering (Please refer here for details)

From £1500

Minerva - The Goddess of Wisdom

  • Birth Doula

  • Private KGHypnobirthing - 4 x 2hr sessions

From £1800

Melissa - The Goddess of Bees

Bespoke Birth & Postnatal Doula - Seeing your through the cycles of your matrescence - the birth of your baby and the birth of you as a mother

The option to have my support from booking, through your birth journey and if required continuing seamlessly into the fourth trimester (Please refer here for details). By booking me in this way you are guaranteeing my availability for continuation of support as your postnatal doula. One month on call and one month of post natal support (once or twice per week). Postnatal support available twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays as well as out of hours support by phone or message as and when you require for the first four weeks postnatally

Tailor a package to suit your needs to include:

  • Mama Mentoring

  • 1:1 Birthlight Prenatal Yoga

  • 1:1 Holistic Massage

  • Private KGHypnobirthing - 4 x 2hr sessions

  • A Mothers Blessing (Pre or Post Birth)

  • 40 weeks Grace & Presence Session

  • Birth photography

  • Settling in session

  • Postnatal Support

  • Rewind three step technique

  • A Closing Ceremony

  • 1:1 Birthlight Postnatal Yoga

  • Postnatal Holistic Massage

From £2500

Aurora - The Goddess of the Dawn

Birth Photography

Take advantage of having someone who is a doula attend your birth to quietly and unobtrusively take some non-flash photography of the moment your baby/babies enter the world or in the early postnatal period

From £500

Selene - The Goddess of the Moon

Postnatal Doula packages available to purchase in blocks to support you in the fourth trimester. See here for information

  • 4 hour block £100 / 8 hour block £200 / 12 hour block £300 - *To be used on Tuesdays and Thursdays - Minimum 2 hour support session. Vouchers available. Subject to availability. Prices include travel and parking

  • Home from hospital settling session - *This can include overnight support subject to availability

All packages include a Closing Ceremony

Please do get in contact for an introductory call to discuss your requirements and to book a face to face meeting

Prices on enquiry

(Prices include travel, parking, out of hours support, oils, herbs, teas - all extras considered)