A Mother's Blessing is inspired by an ancient Navajo ceremony called a blessing way

The ceremony is a beautiful way to honour a womans journey to motherhood in the company of women she holds dear. The mother is showered with love, support and encouragement. It is a very special and intimate initiation ceremony and something to be treasured

Traditionally Mother’s Blessings are done before the baby is born in the late 2nd or early 3rd trimester but it is also possible to have one postnatally and combined with a closing ceremony with the support of your nearest and dearest

A Mother's Blessing can be woven into your celebration or created as an event in it's own right. It will be cultivated to be personal and unique to the mother reflecting the collective input of all of the participants

“I just wanted to share my deepest gratitude for such a lovely and memorable mother’s blessing. When women gather and share their hearts and souls it is a magical experience. You have helped me immensely in the whole transition into motherhood. By setting meaningful intentions together I feel a deeper strength for the joys and challenges that lie ahead" Amy, Mother’s Blessing client

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