Grace & Surrender: Pregnancy

Pregnancy can be unsettling and you may find that you need something to help you to move beyond a particular fear or generalised anxiety. A bespoke session or working with me over several sessions may help you to find more peace and calm as you prepare to meet you baby

Grace & Surrender: Meeting your ‘Due Date’

In this time of Zwischen called so for being a place of in-between - it is the liminal space of the threshold before bringing your baby earth-side. It may be that you are now playing the waiting game and that time alone in the waiting zone is causing you to overthink. Even the most grounded woman can be unsettled and feel stress and fear at the approach or passing of her due date. The session/s can allow you to soften and drop out of your head and into your birthing body leaving you feeling prepared and fortified

Investment £108 per session

A bespoke session or sessions tailored to you which can include:

  • Prenatal yoga

  • Active birth preparation

  • Fear release techniques

  • Vision boarding

  • Guided meditation

  • Rebozo

  • Massage

A time for you to be held and heard and discuss any individual concerns antenatally. Self care to meet your babies arrival with peace and presence

As a doula I aim to bring you unbiased information, unconditional care and support your wellbeing no matter what type of birth you plan to have

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