“Laura is everything you could want in a doula - intuitive, supportive, kind, knowledgable and skilled. Under her guidance, I was able to have a completely natural VBAC home birth without any medical intervention even though I had a traumatic first birth that ended in an emergency c-section and had planned to have my second birth in hospital as recommended. I am still in awe that she supported us through the birth of our child solo as she was with us long before a midwife was able to reach us! I found her general knowledge of both holistic and medical approaches invaluable, as well as her teaching of KG Hypnobirthing. During birth, she effortlessly shifted between honouring my space and intuition as a birthing mother and guiding me when I needed her support, reassurance and skill. When paramedics and a midwife did arrive as our son crowned, she gracefully and kindly protected my birthing space while connecting with everyone who came through our door in a way that put everyone to ease. I can honestly say that there is no one else I would have trusted more to share the journey of pregnancy and birth with, nor anyone's company I would have enjoyed more” Toni Ferguson, Birth Doula & Private KGH clients

“We cant thank Laura enough. Someone asked me what a Doula was recently and the simple answer is that Laura is literally any birthing women / couples best friend. In the lead up she was a font of knowledge, guidance and support. She answered our endless questions, texts and emails with humour, kindness and compassion. She learnt the ins and outs of our personal journey and then advocated for everything we wanted. When things deviated from ideal she helped us manage expectations, feel empowered and stay focussed. Laura is a highly skilled birth mentor and naturally a deeply instinctive person. She not only held space for us as a birthing couple, but connected so well with our midwives and family and made sure everyone was looked after. Laura, no one expected a week long birthing affair but we couldn’t have done it without you. Who knew you were also a badass photographer. You have helped us create a memory that we will never forget. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you” J. Nix & M. Moore, Birth Doula & Private KGH clients

“I decided early in my pregnancy that I wanted to have a doula, in order to feel really supported through the birth of my baby. I was concerned that I might not know who my midwife was, and I wanted to know that there was someone there who could make me feel strong and safe when I went into labour. Laura did just that. From our first meeting I knew that I wanted her to be my doula. Everything that we spoke about made me feel so positive and strong about the birth. We had a few meetings before to talk through all my preferences for the birth, and I always felt that she had such helpful & wise words of advice. Just before the birth we had an an amazing yoga session. That session made me really connect with my body and my baby. And I felt totally relaxed & at one with myself when Laura left after that session (was feeling pretty anxious in the days before our session). 

When I went into labour I was constantly in touch with Laura, she sent me such incredibly helpful beautiful words of support. Which made me feel really calm & positive. The labour was long, and her words gave me such strength. Laura came over to my house when the contractions were much closer together. Everything that she said and did, from the making the room smell absolutely delicious with her very special birthing blend.. to her massages.. to her very calming supportive words.. were such a unbelievable support to not just me but my boyfriend too. 

I couldn't recommend Laura more.. she's a extremely special lady. She has a HUGE amount of knowledge, and so many amazing skills from hypno-birthing to massage to yoga. I'm so very grateful for her being part of my incredible journey into motherhood.” Ms L.Barton, Birth Doula client

"Laura was invaluable to us before, during & after labour. She ensured that my husband could spent 100% of his time during labour with me and when we had to move from home to the hospital she helped us continue to feel "in the zone" during the transition.  We trusted Laura implicitly and felt that she helped us achieve a positive birthing experience despite it not going exactly to our birth preferences. We cannot recommend her highly enough."

“Dear Laura, we would like to express our heartfelt thanks for making ***’s birth a very calm and special experience. We genuinely couldn’t have done it without your support and guidance” Mr & Mrs DLP, Birth Doula clients

''Dear Laura, I’m not sure that thank you really quite covers what incredible support, kindness, wisdom, love and joy you have given us. We are so grateful to have had you as part of our team. You helped us navigate so many aspects of our pregnancy and helped us bring our baby into the world as a bright eyed little wonder. When I said I wanted to avoid the opiates, I’m not sure I ever imagined I’d be able to do it without any drugs. I will always treasure the memory of you holding my hand afterwards, as much as the support during labour, and in the days and weeks afterwards. As I say, thank you doesn’t seem to cover it. You have taught me to trust myself and my instincts, and you’ve helped birth me as a new mother. I hope that I can soften into motherhood and take everything you’ve given and taught me into our new lives together as a family. Your understanding of our situation and experiences was so kind, I’m not sure we realised how much that might have an impact, but we are looking forward to our new adventure. Thank you also for the time together in the private yoga classes - they were so helpful and a real treat. You have been the most wonderful influence in my pregnancy and birth. Thank you. We will never forget it and you. Lots of love" Mr & Mrs.G, Birth Doula Clients

"Laura was my postnatal doula for the first couple of months after the birth of my son (I wanted help after having a cesarean birth, had mobility difficulties and very little knowledge about babies!). Her support, both practically and emotionally was invaluable and I feel played a significant factor in developing my confidence. Laura is very sensitive to the needs of others and delicate situations; being supportive but not taking over is a real skill, and one she has in spades. She was also a great source of information and advice, but never pushing a particular agenda, rather adapting to my needs and views on how I wanted to parent my baby. Being able to be flexible about hours and days was also incredibly helpful, but even when Laura wasn’t physically present she was always at the end of the phone. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Laura - my son and I still miss her." Ms. A. Campbell, Post-Natal Doula Client

“Laura was calm and a good listener. Her presence throughout labour allowed my partner to get some breaks. She provided massage and aromatherapy, organised birth pool logistics and she supported us when decisions needed to be made. Laura is a very considerate person who will do her best to make you feel comfortable without intruding. She is very discreet. She provided great support postnatally on breastfeeding and helped me talk through my feelings about the birth and our baby” - Mrs J, Birth Doula Client

“Laura was a great support to me during labour - as I knew I could leave my partner with her when I needed a break. She also really helped us making the right decisions in a calm and informed manner” - Mr. J, Birth Doula Client (Husband)

''Laura is a beautifully passionate and knowledgeable Doula. She knew exactly what to do and say in each moment, and was ever present and connected even when we weren't physically together. She was the perfect companion for this wonderful journey" Mrs. K. Jones, Remote Support Birth Client 

“Laura’s support and skills as a doula helped me achieve the natural birth that I had hoped for. Laura willingly passed on her vast array of knowledge and experience to help assist me with my choices. The way Laura speaks and supports you inspired and empowered me to have my birth at home. I would highly recommend Laura as a very special doula” - Ms A. Skilton, Remote Antenatal Client