Conscious Conception & Preconception

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Holistic Womb Massage

During this bespoke session we will delve into your personal story around your womb. The session with involve a gentle holistic massage with warm oil as well as a combination of other healing modalities - including Reiki, sacred drumming and wrapping. I will provide a safe space for you to connect deeply to your womb story and release what needs to be let go of

From £70 (Location dependent)

Holistic Conscious Conception Journey

In this package of three sessions (up to two hours per 1:1 session) we will delve deep into what may be blocking you beyond the physical to access your creatrix energy and align with what you want to create - be it a baby or a business

Themes we may take a deep dive into: ancestral trauma, your own birth story, your early years, the mother wound, preconception, self image, your journey towards motherhood. By way of this exploration we will look to unlock, unblock, cleanse and release things that you wish to let go of. Creating space to help you on your journey towards motherhood

Utilising holistic and womb massage, energy & Reiki healing and a ‘hipping’ cloth (see Closing Ceremony)

The first session will be an exploration; the second an unravelling and ritual to serve the release of those things we have identified and the third session a creative conception ceremony (see below)

From £600

*All three sessions to be completed within one lunar cycle

**Follow up sessions of energy work and womb massage will be charged on an hourly rate

Conscious Conception Ceremony

Using ancestral healing, working on deeply rooted blockages and intention setting we work 1:1 with alternative methods to holistically address issues around fertility. In my work I make use of a combination of aromatherapy and sacred oils for their frequency and resonance, holistic & womb massage, a ‘hipping’ cloth, Reiki, energy work and crystal sound bowl healing. This offering is truly a co-creation that will be unique to you


“Thank you again for such a lovely ceremony, it flowed so naturally and made me feel truly relaxed yet totally present which was wonderful. All the touches that you made were so thoughtful and meaningful which made the experience all the more memorable too. I particularly enjoyed your reading and found it very moving indeed. My tears welled up at that point but you couldn’t see as my eyes were lovingly rested in those dreamy heated eye pillows! Your beautiful singing voice helped me to conjure up the mother within. I truly felt blessed” Amy - Mama to be - Pregnant within one cycle of the ceremony