A Post Partum Poem

Snooze they said

Sleep when they sleep

Doze when they feed

In six weeks you’ll be doing the deed

Buy my book and they’ll

Sleep through the night

Newborn right?

Best stage to take a flight

Dream feed

This team is nocturnal

What do I need?

Nights are eternal

Bounce back

Put on a show

Personal attack

Goodbye Glow

I’ve traded you in

For a wigs worth of hair

From the plug to the bin

Can I come up for air?

In the a.m. I’m wired

Thank god the dawn came

By three we’re all tired

Perhaps I’m to blame

The hours of witching

Relentless and long

Just leave me twitching

On and on...and on

No returns

No backsies

No manual

Just me


This isn’t me

Pop a pill?

This can’t be

Elated one moment

Desperate the next

The world keeps on spinning

Rose tinted specs

So let’s slow down

Together discover

A baby was born

And so was its mother

By The Holistic Doula

[Please feel free to share with credit]