What I learnt in 2018

At the close of 2018 I was asked to contribute to a collective of teachers for the Yoga Matters blog

Laura Swann, Doula and Birthlight Perinatal Yoga Teacher

My biggest take away for 2018  was ‘surrender’. In the way of the priestess, I believe the cycle of the year begins anew in the autumn. That time in 2017 I lost a parent that I had cared for through a terminal illness and in doing so also become the matriarch of my family. As 2018 began I birthed a son and began the transformation into motherhood. I tell all my clients and students that motherhood and babies are the biggest lesson in surrender. In parallel to this expansion I have also been working hard continuing to build my business. I now feel a deep sense of knowing that my challenges have called me to see that I am worthy of my dreams and in doing so I have had to set boundaries, love and believe in myself and at the same time hold deep compassion for others on their journey without needing to fix or rescue them from it. Our souls don’t always choose the easy path but I believe they choose the one for the greater expansion of all of us.

Full piece full of collective wisdom here: https://www.yogamatters.com/blog/what-we-learnt-in-2018/