The (I'm)Perfect Honour of Humanity & an Ode to our Temples

You Are Fluidity Encased in Stability

Your expansion and contraction have no end or beginning - they merely meet so beautifully that you could not possibly tell them apart for they are extinct one without the other

Your softness has edges but these edges through careful artistry of introspection can be dissolved to reveal yet further viscosity - they wait...whispering to you to peel them back like a thick red velvet curtain to reveal your secrets. Perhaps pain, or sorrow or a riddle...another gateway...another door 

Fragments of your histories lie nestled in the folds and creases, dormant until discovery like buried treasure...maybe you've been here before but now with new eyes, with new heart. Creating space, ease and compassion - your attention teases them into revealing themselves. Whatever you thought you knew may shape-shift into new understanding. These new elements of discovery enrich and grow you like fertiliser to the seed. The ever evolving cycles softly flow beneath a rigid encasement of imposed ideals. 

Self love enriches your experience so that you begin to see clearly your true interconnected reality. In the midst of dissolving your edges you become one with other - all boundaries disperse. You see all sides, understand every aspect.

Head or tail reveal in perfect symmetry - beginning begets end - tumbling together in a perfect stormy circle - ever flowing

To dive in, to experience, to get messy to be brave and fearless ... the choice my love is ALWAYS yours ...  


By The Holistic Doula

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