Thoughts on yoga

Yoga is a practice designed to bring you towards your true Self.

With our modern lifestyles we find it really difficult to allow ourselves the space for transformational self development.

Meditation, breathing with ease and moving with awareness can allow this process to blossom.

A yoga practice is designed to get you into the realm of experience in your body (your body includes your mind). No matter what that means, good or bad (working through what comes up for you). It allows you to connect so meaningfully that you can be present and fulfilled with non attachment. We are beautiful beings given the choice and freedom to live. It's not a goal for a perfect external appearance but a quiet centered process of being in tune with your experience. It will continually challenge you to confront yourself, to remind you to be open and at peace rather than to struggle and grasp. By living mindfully and in touch with experience in its rawest form we are open to navigate life with 'open eyes' - an awareness that allows a more meaningful connection with everything and everyone.  

My dad has been a huge inspiration to me - as he puts it 'wrapping my sandwiches in a road map' - encouraging me to find beauty in every being that touches my path. They are part of the rich tapestry of the journey that informs who you are - and who you are is so much greater than your physical self. It is through the journey of experience of the Self that you realise the inter connectivity and beauty of what we are. That we share one collective consciousness. When you can get to the point where you can release your physical body from activity and turn inward, that is when the beauty of the subtle body becomes apparent

The answers you seek are within you

This is why it is a practice