“A child gives birth to a mother” - Vithal Venkatesh Kamat

The birth of your baby is a deeply profound and life changing experience. I work alongside you and your birth partner to support your unique needs leading up to the birth of your baby, during birth and beyond as required

When we birth our babies we are vulnerable in the most powerful and awe inspiring way possible. A doula helps prepare and protect the sacred space of a birthing woman so that she may experience the full extent of her own power however she brings her baby earth-side - The Holistic Doula ॐ

My aim is to foster a nurturing and compassionate relationship with you and your family to enable me to provide practical and emotional support as you empower yourself in your transition to motherhood and as parent


My offering as a Doula is further complimented by my work as a Birthlight Yoga teacher, Holistic Massage therapist and KGHypnobirthing teacher. My support aims to come full circle and I offer you a Closing Ceremony usually booked at the end of the fourth trimester to close our time together. All of my offerings are complemented by a holistic approach and a myriad of skills from trainings, personal study and generously imparted knowledge from a sisterhood of wise women. Please see ‘About Me’ for a comprehensive list of my training

Birth Doula Support

Below is a guideline to the support package you can expect to receive from me. This is not prescriptive and is intended as a guide only. My intention is to provide you with as much support as you require on your journey to meeting your baby 

2 Antenatal sessions

regular check-ins

On-call for 2 weeks pre and post Estimated Due Date - weeks 38-42

Supporting you at the birth of your baby 

1 Postnatal Visit

Birth Completion Session with optional Postpartum Closing Ritual (Can be combined or set apart from the postnatal visit)

preparation for the birth of your baby

  • Offering helpful, evidence-based and individualised information about the options available to you at each stage of your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience

  • Assist you to create your birth preference document and in doing so delve into the spectrum of experiences that can arise to allow you explore and understand your options fully in order to best support your needs and wishes

  • Helping you to empower yourself as you prepare to welcome a new life into the world

Additional Offering

  • 1:1 Birthlight Yoga

  • Holistic Massage

  • Private KGHypnobirthing

  • Beautiful Mothers Blessing ceremony to honour your transition from Womanhood to Motherhood

  • Grace & Surrender Session - Meeting your babies expected due date


"Every woman has her unique way of bringing her baby into the world" - Ina May Gaskin

  • Optimising you and your babies birth experience by providing personalised support and information

  • Providing evidence based and up to date information from high quality sources to support your decision making process

  • Supporting the emotional and physical needs of you, your partner and your families

  • Providing continuous support to you, your partner and family

  • Listening to you and assisting you to empower yourself

  • Offering ways to help you to stay present and calm

  • I offer massage, aromatherapy, breath-work, active birthing position options, help you stay hydrated and fuelled and support you in many other ways with many other techniques as required during your birth process (or simply sitting quietly and cultivating a calm space for you to birth your way)

Additional Offering

  • Should you wish I can aim to discreetly capture some precious memories for you


Kings College Hospital - home birth team & labour ward; PRUH Midwifery led unit, Croydon Hospital Crocus team & labour ward, Lewisham birth centre & labour ward and home births

Lewisham Hospital Early pregnancy parents evening contributor representing Doula UK

Home births, water births, instrumental births, Cesarean births, IVF, 40+


If you are interested in discussing my offering further please do get in touch to schedule a no obligation face to face meeting. I will be happy to discuss your needs and to tailor a bespoke package for you. You can see a list of packages here. I am available to travel (subject to availability) & work alongside other doulas to provide back up and shared care arrangements where required

07956 126344