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I support women and their families in the most transformative transitionary experiences of their lives and I am passionate about informing and educating women to step into their own power

In whichever way we work together - whether supporting you through conscious conception, in antenatal preparation, as your birth or postnatal doula, in postnatal healing, through loss or Mama Mentoring - we will embark on a unique journey together. I will guide you with tools that enable you to access your own unique divine feminine power. My aim is to support you in an open and non judgemental way, to reconnect you with yourself and enable you to tap into your own inner source of wisdom, power and sacred space

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07956 126344

Training & Accreditation

  • Doula training facilitated by Kicki Hansard of BirthBliss Doulas with specialist lactation focused training from Indira Lopez Bassols

  • KGHypnobirthing Teacher (recognised by the Royal College of Midwives)

  • Wysewoman Aromatherapy for Birth workers

  • Birthlight Pre & Post Natal Yoga Teacher Training & Related CPD’s

  • 13th Rite of the Munay-Ki: The Rite of the Womb

  • Wysewoman Mother Warming Traditional Postnatal Remedies

  • Wisdom of the hips (womb space) & postpartum healing rituals - the teachings of Shaman, Ethno-botonist and healer Dr Rocío Alarcón (ongoing)

  • Birth Trauma Recovery – 3 Step Rewind Technique

  • The Foundation for Infant Loss Accredited Training Course

  • Wysewoman Grandmother’s Medicine Cabinet

  • MANNTA Maternity Nurse Course

  • Triyoga 2 year Yoga Teacher Training

  • 1:1 Embodied Relational Therapy Yoga Training

  • First Sphere Meditation with The Bright Path

  • Holistic Massage Diploma and Indian Head with Quantum Metta School of Massage & Reiki II

  • Urban Priestess 13 Moon Mystery School Training and Women’s Retreat (Ongoing Priestess study and practice)

  • Sacred Oils Myrrhophore Study with Soul Midwife Felicity Warner (Ongoing)

  • Ayurvedic study related to the female body (ongoing)

  • Closing the Bones & Deeper Closing the Bones

  • Paediatric First Aid Training

  • First Aid training

  • Enhanced DBS check in place

Relevant Volunteering Experience:

  • London Tongue Tie Clinic with Katherine Fisher – an international board certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC)

  • A member of Neighbourhood Doulas

I am a Recognised Birth and Mentored Post Natal Doula with Doula UK having completed an Aspiring Doula Foundation Course with renowned tutors Kicki Hansard and Indira Bassols-Lopez (Lactation Specialist) of BirthBliss - A Doula UK approved course. I have an Enhanced DBS check and First Aid qualification in place 

Please find a link to my Doula UK Doulagraphy here:

Evidence based research for the benefits of having a Doula can be found here: 

"Become a conscious vessel for the life force that is always flowing through you" 

Christiane Northrup. M.D.


As a child I would spend a lot of time investigating the mysteries of the universe with my father. Particularly our beloved Glastonbury, his ancestral home of the Isle of Wight and John O’Donohue’s Ireland. We would go on magical mystery tours of grail legends, always with the backdrop of Hendrix or Dylan on a tape in the car. He was a sage and a mystic who lived life to the beat of his own drum and was a much loved and wonderful soul. He instilled in me deep compassion and a sense of wonder about my place in the universe but was careful to never impose his beliefs upon me

I was born into a family with a lot of ancestral trauma. My mother was deeply traumatised by what she had suffered and endured as a child and had gone on to have two very difficult births with me and my brother. As a result of her illness and trauma I had very little connection with her. My childhood was a dark and tumultuous time with my mother regularly attempting suicide and struggling to live beyond isolation and rage. My template for understanding my womanhood was effectively non existent. My connection to my hips, my womb, my feminine body masked by fear and shame and vibrating with a resonance of the trauma my mother had suffered. Circumstance meant that my father took on the role of both my mother and my father. He did a beautiful job of both

I started to seek out ways to heal and chain-break the inherited trauma in my matrilineal line. Seeking to find ways to connect to the divine feminine that I had felt so deeply lacking. As I started to delve deeper into the mysteries of the feminine I realised I had found my calling and my soul tribe all at once. Sitting in ceremony with women from all over the world whilst part of a priestess mystery school took me back to my time as a child. Everything that my father had taught me was laid out once again in an entire school, I was home

I embarked on a truly remarkable journey of self discovery that has helped me to not only overcome many personal issues but also share in helping other women navigate their own stories and paths of healing. It has been a labyrinthian journey and I am now eager to distill what I have learnt to help other women find their way forward

When I embarked on the journey to parenthood with my amazing husband I had spent the best part of my life healing. We went on to welcome our cherished baby earth-side in our home. This felt like an incredible feat having recently navigated the loss of my father after we cared for him in our home during his terminal illness

The rite of passage that has accompanied my dear fathers death has been to recently uncover incredible stories of my ancestors - women healers and soul midwifes that had come before me. The deep knowing sense that I had within that this work was not new to me was illuminated

I have been divinely guided to this life as this soul to do this work. Every lesson on the path has been a blessing to bring me to a point where I feel that I am serving women and doing the work I was meant to do

Many Paths; One Horizon

I studied a degree in Philosophy and Dance. My dance training encompassed techniques of Release, Cunningham, Graham, Limon and Classical Ballet. When I discovered yoga it combined two things that were intrinsic to me - a love of the freedom created by movement and my insatiably inquisitive nature about our place in the universe

Whilst embarking on my own journey of self discovery I worked as a private PA and lifestyle consultant to UHNW women - as an ally, confidante and mentor

I completed a two year teacher training course with internationally recognised Triyoga London. Becoming a qualified yoga teacher came to fulfil another desire - to help people to harness their own ability to heal by opening up the communication with their greatest teacher - themselves. The un-doing that I experienced during the training was a fundamental shift from the yoga that I had been taught before. My teachers taught a radically new form of embodied practice from a feminine perspective, it was ground-breaking and freeing. I furthered my studies with one of my teachers - a body psychotherapy teacher - in working one to one. I now specialise in the full spectrum of women’s wellbeing - working either in a private 1:1 therapeutic setting or facilitating sacred sisterhood spaces. I offer retreats, talks and workshops and regularly contribute writing for relevant organisations and publications

  My offering is further complimented with training in Holistic Massage Therapy, Indian Head Massage & Postpartum healing and closing rituals. I use Reiki energy, Crystal sound healing, Sacred Oils and my voice. As a body worker I love to explore the incredible connection between the mind, body and spirit. The more we bring our awareness inward, strengthening the mind-body connection, the more our intuition can blossom. We are in conversation with our biggest teacher. By shedding light on our patterns and finding new ways of moving we can begin to shift what is stuck and release both physical and psychological trauma. After all our bodies are designed to move and when they are open and fluid our breath can flow freely. To live in a fulfilled way we must allow ourselves the time to find balance to allow our true nature to flow

I love to learn and embody the things that ignite my soul, foster growth and serve others on their path. I continue to immerse myself in ways that allow me to live my passion

The Truth will set you free

Where to Find Me

I am based in South East London and work in and around Central London as well as remotely and occasionally Internationally


To my soul heart tribe who have become family and always encourage me to rise

Profound thanks to Kicki Hansard for her commitment to positive birthing and encouraging so many women to take more of an active and positive role in their own birthing story. My mentor Indira Lopez-Bassols for her commitment to holding the light. Thank you to my doula sisters and brother and unofficial mentors who inspire me every day

Kemi Johnson who is a beautiful and compassionate Independent Midwife spreading her light further by facilitating KGHypnobirthing teacher training and her passion for creating access to evidence based information

For their guidance, knowledge and willingness to share, challenge and redefine yoga teaching - huge gratitude to Carlos Pomeda, Kate Ellis, Catherine Annis, Kirsteen Ruffell, Françoise Freedman and Uma Dinsmore-Tuli

Doreen Uzice, Dympna O'Brien and Karen Yarnell for their enthusiasm and care as teachers and holistic bodyworkers

To Dr Rocío Alarcón for fiercely providing her indigenous wisdom and healing with integrity and compassion

To Sianna Sherman & Ashley Turner for Urban Priestess

Thank you to my family - my father who walked the path with grace and guided me to my souls purpose from a young age, my husband who lovingly supports my work and our darling son - our biggest teacher

I am deeply blessed to continue to grow and evolve as I serve women and their families